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Online Lotteries where you can win Euromillions

If you are someone wondering whether there is a way to make lots of money easily then you can hope for the best because there is a way to make big money and it has been in existence for centuries and it is nothing but the concept of winning a lottery.
Till few years ago people used to buy lottery tickets with each ticket coming with an unique number and if that number is drawn the lottery draw then the holder of the tickets containing that number will be announced as the winner. And now the concept of lottery tickets has become old and latest is to buy lottery numbers and participate in an Online Lottery draw.
 I am regular player of online lottery and I believe not only in luck but also in smartness and using my smartness I am able to keep winning a good amount of money.  I try few strategies  to win a lot at my favourite Online Lottery where I can participate for winning and it is euromillions uk.
The very first thing is I don’t sit and wait to get that lucky to win millions of euros in just one single shot as a Jackpot prize but I play for many online lottery draws through which I believe in winning small amount of money and for that I buy more lotteries. Secondly, by buying more numbers I try to increase the possibility of my numbers being picked as winning numbers.
In Online Lottery I don’t buy tickets instead numbers which are a combination of Random numbers in terms of 6 digits and it is called as the line and I will be able to buy up to 4 lines of numbers and I will participate in many draws.  I prefer to participate in irish lottery as the Jackpot prize money is good and also I look for the days of draw and then I pick many draws to participate to get a fair chance of winning a reasonable amount of money in each draw.
I also will look into the past drawn numbers and I try to observe the pattern and try to predict the future draw numbers and go by picking my new lines of number s to buy accordingly and I believe this will help me to win more and this strategy works for me most of the time. When my number is picked I receive a notification in my dashboard and the money I win is sent to my bank account.