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Tricks to make money in Online Casinos

1- Take advantage of bonuses

There are many types of casino games: trapagerras, Arcade games, blackjack, roulette, video poker … The welcome bonuses offered by most internet casinos serve to try the games and can DETERMINE ones you like best and what you feel more comfortable, and it is not the same as playing a slot that a blackjack or roulette.

Take advantage of these free offers to play a few games at each of the games that offers the page of your chosen casino.

If you do not know which casino play, we recommend you NetBet.com because besides being the online casino with the best casino games Latin American (not available in Spain), his bonus will return half of your first deposit , so you can try as many games as you want, depending on the amount you are going to enter.

2- Choose the games with the best pay tables

Most online casino sites have tables showing payments where payments have been occurring in the last hours in different games, along with the amounts won. Some even tell you the amount you had bet the winner.

Take this information! Learn from your favorite games, which ones give more money and select the most advantageous.

3- Set a budget and stick to it

Before you start playing for money, decide what amount you are willing to bet up . Write it down on a rather large PĆ³sit (yes, in Castilian write well!) And paste it next to the display.

If you’re starting to play online, we suggest that this budget is initially low, and gradually, when you leave feeling safer, upload your bets.

4- Apply the statistics and mathematics

When it comes to games, so important in your strategy to make money in an online casino is to remember that many games are reduced to pure mathematics.

If, for example, you play online roulette, you should stick to outside bets that have a payout of 1: 1 . You might win several consecutive bets or you lose several in a row, but long term, you end up having a 50% chance of winning.

Then we leave you with a video of the CNN interview where Nate Silver statistical who predicted the election results of 50 states in 2012 and became a professional poker player. It speaks about the topic of applied mathematics to the game: